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Henry’s Policy – 5D Mark II Price Increase

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What will Henry’s do?
It appears Henry’s will NOT be honoring the previous price of the 5D Mark II, this is completey understandable. What Henry’s will be doing is giving out a free 8gb Ultra II CF card to people with preorders. Henry’s is contacting their customers at the moment with the news.

Thanks for the heads up.


34 responses to “Henry’s Policy – 5D Mark II Price Increase”

  1. Charles it’s funny your working in a Camera store with such an extensive knowledge of international finance.

    I’m understand that the price of the 5D MK II needs to rise to a point that is in line with global currency exchange rates. Even at the newly revised price the 5D MK II is still priced cheaper than the U.S. when currency is converted.

    My problem isn’t with Canon’s need to raise prices due to changing economic conditions. My problem is with the fact that they (and their distributors) aren’t honoring pre-order pricing. Regardless of what state the Canadian or global economy is in Canon’s distributors have made an agreement with pre-orderers and to not honor it at this point is a huge breach of trust.

    It’s an unfortunate situation for Canon and their distributors to be facing increases due to fluctuating currencies. It’s even more unfortunate that distributors accepted pre-orders without considering the possibility of fluctuation. However just because Canon and their distributors made an imprudent business decision accepting pre-orders at a specific price does not mean that their customers should have to pay for that mistake.

    At the very least there should be a dialog between Canon’s distributors and the customers who pre-ordered. I think some middle ground can be found so that customers and distributors split the cost of their mistake.

    Something like pre-orderers pay half the increase and distributors pay the other half of the increase would be a fair situation. I would have an inordinate amount of respect for a distributor who admitted that they were wrong and that they needed the help and cooperation of customers in order to resolve the problem. Instead they have just passed on the whole cost of the mistake to their customers, and passed the blame onto Canon.

  2. WHO IS AT FAULT – Canon – the retailer, or perhaps the United States of America, take your pick, but be prepared to do class action battle on a mega scale.

    In the big scheme of things – be informed – be educated
    it’s about more than your DSLR

  3. Rob:
    Funny that I am working in a store with a knowledge of International Finance ? As I have stated, I am retired, my job is part time, and it really makes no difference to me financially if I work or don’t. I enjoy the exchange of communication with fellow photographers. It gives me great personal satisfaction to create the experience of purchasing a camera an “event” with dialogue and creativity instead of a oh-hum regular purchase. I use imagination and plant seeds that generate a genuine interest with what the client is doing with his/her photography and respond accordingly to the need.

    I can make more money part time than others do full time.
    However, money is not and never has been the prime objective.

    Don’t shoot the messenger, I am passing on to you the benefit of an extensive education in finance and 35 years of international business experience.

  4. Rob:
    in what world do you live in? the bigger the corporation, the less is chance of it paying for its own mistakes. if they can find someone else to pay for it, they will, and in this case they found their Canadian customers as the scapegoat.

    It’s sad that Henry’s and other stores are lying consumers straight in the face. As I posted earlier, when a few weeks ago I called some stores, they ALL said they will honor the pre-order prices, no mention what so ever that they at least MIGHT have to pass on the increase.

    I get the price increase, and blaming salespeople for it is pointless, but it IS henrys’s (and other stores’) fault for blatantly reassuring customers that the lower price will be honored. If you don’t know it 100%, don’t say it, it’s as simple as that.

  5. Hey here’s an idea. Don’t buy the 5D Mark ll. Instead of complaining about the price increase, send Canon a message.
    If a few thousand people did this they might get the hint.
    Or buy the first version of the 5D. The difference between the two won’t be earth shattering.

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