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Here are different ways to cool the Canon EOS R5, watercooling and more

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DIY Perks on YouTube have posted a 20-minute video showcasing how they developed different cooling methods for the Canon EOS R5.

The first attempt was installing a DIY water cooling solution. What was interesting with this, was firmware v1.0.0 still gave the overheating warning at about the 20-minute mark, proving that part of the original EOS R5 firmware overheating safety measures was the internal timer. However, after updating to firmware v1.1.11, the water-cooled Canon EOS R5 recorded indefinitely.

Since the water cooling is hardly a usable setup, DIY Perks decided to install a custom made copper heatsink for the processor and surrounding areas. The goal here was to push the heat to the rear cover of the camera. With only a copper heatsink installed along with some thermal paste, the Canon EOS R5 was able to record 39 minutes of 8K video, which is a 43% boost over the 25 minutes of record time with firmware v1.1.1.

Interestingly, the Canon EOS R5 was ready to get back to shooting 30 minutes of 8K after a 5 minutes break repeatedly.

The last solution from DIY Perks is an external active fan solution. One fan placed directly towards the back of the camera with a copper plate, and the other solution a very interesting 3D printed solution that mounts to the bottom of the Canon EOS R5 and gives you unlimited 8K recording at 23c ambient temperature.

The latter solution here seems to be a possible solution going forward. You do have to keep in mind that these tests of solutions require the custom copper heatsink installed in the camera.

Check out the video above to see for yourself.