A couple of weeks ago, the ML-100 and ML-105 came to light at a certification agency. These cameras are likely successors to the ME20F-SH and ME200S-SH.

No specifications or pricing has leaked at this time, but these are likely to be officially announced soon.

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  1. Machine vision cameras that can use a super high MP sensor for inspection of OLED panels for smart phones or many other devices. Its a big deal for manufacturers to speed up production and lower per unit costs.
    Wasn't that the point of the recently announced new Canon sensors? This seems geared to different applications, full HD isn't really super high.

    I'm talking about the actual announcement, which happened minutes after CR guy teased it with this thread: https://www.canonrumors.com/forum/t...5-with-iso-capabilities-over-4-500-000.39605/

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