A very vague roadmap for Canon's 2019 came to us over the weekend. It seems like the same sort of vague roadmap that happens at internal marketing and sales meetings. Take all of this with a grain of salt.

We're told to expect an “exciting” new cinema camera, possible ahead of NAB in April. However, the announcement date isn't confirmed as of yet. There has been some talk about a follow-up to the Cinema EOS C300 Mark II. We've heard that there could possibly be an 8K “upgrade option” for such a camera. However, that is unconfirmed at this time.

Canon will likely announce PL mount versions of their CN-E prime lenses ahead of NAB in April.

We're also told that a “pro” DSLR is coming from Canon sometime in 2019, though the model name wasn't mentioned. “Pro” can fall anywhere between the EOS 7D Mark II and EOS-1D X Mark II depending on what a person considers “professional” to be. We haven't heard anything that we feel is legitimate about either camera mentioned. This bit of information about the EOS 80D and EOS 7D Mark II was recycled around other rumors sites yesterday, but since we posted it a month or so ago, we haven't heard anything else on the topic.

The same person also said to expect a “pro” EOS R camera body announcement in very late 2019, but shipping may not occur until 2020. We've been told that a high-resolution EOS R is next in the pipeline and may qualify as “pro”.

All of this seems plausible, and with products that are far out, most information is going to be pretty vague.

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