Hollyland has launched the LARK MAX Duo wireless microphone system. The system comes in black or white as well as kits with either one or two transmitters. The system is available now at B&H Photo.

Hollyland launches the LARK MAX Duo Key Features

  • For Mobile Journalism, Content Creation
  • 2 x Transmitters with Built-In Omni Mics
  • Dual-Channel Receiver
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • Dual-Signal Processing Technology
  • 14-Hour Backup Recording
  • Up to 820′ Transmission Distance
  • 7.5-Hour Transmitter Battery Life
  • OLED Receiver Touchscreen
  • Charging Case with Built-In Battery

Featuring enhanced sound quality and MaxTimbre mic technology, the black LARK MAX Duo Wireless Microphone System from Hollyland can adapt to any run-and-gun journalism or content creation application thanks to its wide compatibility with cameras and smartphones. Two clip-on transmitters with built-in omnidirectional microphones can record up to two subjects and offer backup recording for extra security in the field. The system features a 820′ line-of-sight maximum transmission distance. Keep it all going with the included charging case to extend the system's battery life.

Available Hollyland LARK MAX Duo Kits

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  1. I have the first version of this Hollyland set, the duo. For what it is, I have no complaints. It’s quick and easy to set up, batteries are decent (with the case providing extra on site charging) and it’s hard to complain about the output.

    This second version would be a great buy. I don’t need the upgrade but if you’re in the market, I wouldn’t worry about pulling the trigger on a purchase.

    For comparison, I also have a Deity 3 pro (shotgun mic) and it’s pretty shoddy in comparison. In an interview I’d never purposefully use the shotgun on my a-cam!

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