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Hot Deal: Canon EOS M5 body $478, Canon EOS M6 body $378

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The Canon USA store has some great deals on refurbished Canon EOS M bodies. We’ve never seen these cameras at a lower price. These would make a great addition to your EOS M kit, or a nice addition to your regular EOS kit.

Refurbished Canon EOS M bodies on sale:

These cameras come with a full Canon USA warranty.

We expect both of these cameras to be replaced with new versions in the first quarter of 2019.


Canon 40D & 7D
CR Pro
Sep 9, 2014
I wonder if these prices will drop even further when we get to black Friday? I so wish I'd have had $1300USD kicking around last year on black Friday (and for nearly a month) I could have purchased the 6D Mk II w/Battery Grip (and a Pro 100 printer). An unbelievably great deal I thought at the time.