From our own Justin Van Leeuwen
Our reviewer Justin spent some time with the Canon EF 200-400 f/4L IS 1.4x and did a review that didn't include birds or bears. One of the shots was a unique model shoot using the lens as well as the PocketWizard Plus IIIs so he could trigger his light from 1600 feet away!

Says Justin about the PocketWizard Plus IIIs
“What impresses me though, is that those PocketWizard’s made it from transmitter on the camera to receiver 1600 ft away, over a moving river, up to a cliff, and set off my Elinchrom Quadra pack reliably and consistently. Wow. I highly recommend these if you ever need to shoot between provinces or states.”

Read the story at the PocketWizard blog | PocketWizard III at B&H Photo

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