ON1 has announced that version 2024.5 is coming out this month. It's key new features include:

  • Updated Super Select AI and Quick Mask AI for vastly improved masking
  • Massive Speed and Performance Upgrades
  • Intelligent Color & Tone Adjustments with Brilliance AI
  • Auto Apply NoNoise AI and Portrait Retouching with Brilliance AI
  • Apply Local Adjustments Automatically
  • Batch Adjustments with Brilliance AI
  • AI Recommended Effects
  • Effects Preset Collections – Over 100 New Presets
  • Streamlined and Fluid User Interface
  • Effortless Photo Management to Editing
  • The Ultimate Highlight Recovery
  • Improved Layers Pane with Enhancing Usability
  • Keyword AI Enhancements
  • Enhanced Searching & Cataloging
  • Add Text Layers
  • Auto-Embed Metadata and Paste Pixels
  • Import DCP Files

ON1 Photo RAW comes in two editions, with ON1 Photo RAW MAX containing all the same tools as the regular ON1 Photo RAW, but the MAX edition adds plugin compatibility so you can launch your favorite ON1 tools from inside other editors like Adobe Ps/Lr, Affinity, Apple Photos, and others, for a more flexible workflow.

Right now you can order and download immediately version 2024.3 at a special discounted price and that gives you 2024.5 as soon as it's released.  When you purchase a license, you have all the minor upgrades for free until the next major version (2025 in this case) comes out.

I have personally always liked ON1's products so I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty with the new release.

  • ON1 PhotoRAW 2024 Pricing:  Now $74.89 (Regularly $106.99)
  • ON1 Photo RAW 2024 MAX Pricing: Now $149.79 (Regularly $213.99)

Preorder ON1 PhotoRAW 2024.5 today.

We have a demonstration of the Brilliance AI feature, which certainly seems to take alot of work out of the equation and allows you to rapidly adjust tone, color, intelligently boosting shadows and highlights.  While this is not a feature exclusively to the .5 release it's certainly nothworthy if you have never used ON1 PhotoRAW before.  Not to mention, I just like the before and after slider and just wanted an excuse to add it.

Brilliance AI - Before Brilliance AI - After

ON1 PhotoRaw 2024.5 Press Release

ON1, the leading provider of innovative photo editing software applications, is excited to announce the upcoming release of ON1 Photo RAW 2024.5, a new update with huge performance gains and precision masking tools. This exciting update unleashes powerful new features designed to elevate the photo editing experience for photography professionals and enthusiasts.

“We strive to improve performance with every release. Usually, we can eke out a boost here and there which positively impacts your workflow. However, this update is the big one. It is the most pervasive performance boost we’ve had. You will feel it almost everywhere in Edit. Opening photos is faster, brushing is faster, and zooming is faster. If you work with many layers and filters, you will feel the difference,” says Dan Harachler, VP of product.

ON1 Photo RAW 2024.5 underscores ON1’s commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies that support photographers without compromising their creative vision and control.


New and Improved Super Select AI – Our innovative point, click, and edit tool just got better. The enhanced Super Select AI tool can now identify and select any object, not just those it recognizes. This makes adjustments to areas like clothing, hair, skin, and individual flowers much faster. Simply click on an object or region, select an adjustment, and you're done. No more creating layers and adding filters and masks.

New and Improved Quick Mask AI Tool – Similar to the Super Select AI tool, the upgraded Quick Mask AI tool offers point-and-click editing for masks, simplifying the blending of layers and filters.

Optimized Performance – This update brings the most significant performance boosts yet! Almost everything in Edit feels faster. Opening raw files is now up to twice as fast, making it almost instantaneous. Opening .ONPhoto files (your creations from HDR, Pano, or multiple layers) is over twice as fast. Zooming, panning, and brushing are now buttery smooth, even on complex photos with many layers and filters. These improvements result from innovative methods we've developed to utilize the GPU and reduce memory usage.

Smaller Installer and More Frequent Updates – This release also includes a re-engineered app and update delivery method. The product installer is now much smaller, making it faster to download and install. Upon launching the app, it automatically checks for updates and downloads any missing or updated components. This allows us to update camera support, AI models, and extra content more frequently, making updates much smaller.

Added Camera and Lens Support – As with all updates, support for new raw formats and profiles for the latest cameras and lenses.


Price and Availability

Version 2024.5, coming this June, will be a free update for all 2024 owners and subscribers. They will be notified via the in-app update when it is available. New customers and those upgrading from previous ON1 versions can get ON1 Photo RAW MAX 2024.3 or Photo RAW 2024.3 at a discount today and will receive version 2024.5 for free once it is available. Anyone can order a non-subscription license or subscribe. ON1 Photo RAW MAX 2024 is also available in the ON1 Everything Subscription Plans.

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  1. I don\'t think anythng right now replaces photoshop and lightroom

    If I started today, I wouldn't use LR/PS, unless my job dictates so for some kind of compatibility. When my LR5 no longer works (2/5 of it already don't), I'll switch to something else, finally.
    • 0
  2. it depends on your needs. My comparison is a bit dated so LR and PS likely have improved a fair bit (esp with AI), but I don't particularly want those features nor the subscription licensing. Last year I tried an LR 'free' demo and they insisted on a credit card... provided and they tried to charge me, even when I clearly cancelled after 2 weeks or so. It embedded a bunch of stuff etc on my PC that I was irritated with and took a while to remove. With On1 it is a perpetual license or you can buy next version at a discount (so far I have) or you can subscribe as well. All choices.

    for features it can do RAW processing, good AI noise reduction, layers, masking, effects modules (many good ones like color adjustment, LUTs, dual tone, photo filters, glow, bleach etc).. some text etc.. its a bit of a blend of both LR and PS.

    My only big gripe now that I understand it more is the color fidelity for R5 RAW files.. it has improved, but still isn't quite as good as it should be and there is no method to use/import color profiles that I can see (like spyder color checker)
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