Contrary to my previous post, Imaging Resource has posted what is a very good interview with Yasuhiko Shiomi (Senior General Manager, ICP Development Center 2), Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi (Group Executive, ICP Group 3) and Naoya Kaneda (Senior General Manager, ICP Development Center 1), all from the Image Communication Products Operations division at Canon Inc.

They cover an array of topics, such as autofocus, mirrorless, the video performance of the new EOS 5Ds, & EOS 5Ds R as well as their commitment to lens development.

This could be good news for 5D Mark IV development for videographers…

DE: Okay. Switching to the EOS 5DS and 5DS R, the EOS 5D Mark III is the best SLR we've ever seen when it comes to avoiding moiré in video. Will the new full-frame 5DS and 5DS R have the same pixel re-sampling technology as the 5D III, or are there just too many pixels to cope with to do that, even with dual DIGIC 6 processors?

YS: The method is a little bit different. Essentially, as you know, the pixel count is higher in the cameras [than in the video stream]. So for that reason we wanted to improve the resolving performance in the videos that these cameras are capable of taking. For that reason, we went with a method that was more appropriate for those needs. So with 5D Mark III, in terms of resolving power resolution, it's not quite where we wanted it to be, or where we thought it should be. So to kind of resolve that issue, we took steps to address that in the new cameras.

DE: Ah, right. And so for video resolution, the 5D III is very good at anti-aliasing and no moiré, but you felt it could be sharper.

YS: Yeah. We were confident that the moiré would be suppressed. However, we felt the clarity, or the resolution maybe wasn't where it could have been.

Read the full interview at Imaging Resource


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