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I like to lead with the following, I am the worst reader of patent language on planet earth.

I've been sent an email explaining this patent.

“The image pickup element vibrationproof circuit 172 cancels vibration of an image by moving the image pickup element 127” and “Here, an image pickup element vibrationproof mechanism 171 connected to the image pickup element vibrationproof circuit 172 shifts and rotates the image pickup element 127 in the direction to cancel shakes of the image so as to prevent the resolution of the image from being lost as the image rolls.”

Is this in body stabilization that works together with in lens stabilization? The language of it seems to suggest so to me.

Also notice the GPS circuit, Digital TV Tuner and Wireless Communication Circuit.

What say you?

Read The Full Patent:

thanks sean


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  1. Michael B 66 on

    Sorry, my piece of text was not precise enough:

    I mean rotations around the optical axis of the lens, e.g., during pressing the shutter button.

    Rotations around he horizontal and vertical axis are corrected by the lens IS, but I think it is nearly impossible to correct a rotational shake around the LENS’ OPTICAL AXIS without prisms or mirrors – the lens would be very bulky!

    And if you bring the sensor to translations, it is easy to rotate it according to camera movements.

  2. Rotations about the optical axis are not magnified by the distance to the subject. Because of that they are not generally problematic, just like linear displacements. The possible exceptions is Macro work.

  3. Andreas Helke on

    It would be pointless to use IS in lens and body together. Both would apply the same corrections. So the double comensated image would be as shaky as before just in the opposite direction.

    The most likely scenario would be that you switch off the in lens stabilizer if you have one of the older lenses. And only use in lens stabilizers if you got one that works better than the in body IS,

  4. It makes more sense to me to use in-lens stabilization for camera shake and in-body sensor-shift to compensate for rolling-shutter artifacts during video recording.

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