Over the last few months, legendary Leica dealer Ken Hansen has been battling some medical issues. Steve Huff is now reporting that Ken is, unfortunately, getting worse, and may not make it through the latest setbacks.

From Ken's granddaughter:


This is Ken’s granddaughter, Summer. Unfortunately, my grandfather is too ill to continue working. We’ve received some unfortunate news from doctors that all which could be done has been. He won’t be available for business any longer as he is quickly deteriorating and struggling. Thank you for being a customer of my grandfather and supportive friend.

All the best,

This will bring an end to a unique and heralded dealer of all things Leica. A man whose reputation within the industry is unmatched. Ken was unique in how he did business, there was no storefront, no web site outside of some sales on eBay. You simply emailed him directly and made your purchase. Ken sold new and used Leica gear to thousands of loyal and happy customers.

You can learn more about Ken and his legacy in the industry here and here.

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  1. I dealt with Ken in the 1980s when he did have a store I was 23 and just out of art school. I had no credit card. Ken would put a camera in my hands like a Hasselblad and say take it home see how you like it. No credit card, no nothing he just trusted. I was not the only one. Plenty of people he helped get there start. He is great man we should all hope for a miracle.

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