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“Inside” information about the 5D

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This is from a post on DPR. The information doesn't make much sense to me.


MP: 15.1 FF
Proc: 1x Digic III
100 to 6400(up to 12800)
AF: 1d3 setup (ruh roh)
FPS: 3
LCD: 3″
Grip: Integrated
Slots: 1 CF


MP: 12.8 FF
Proc: 1x Digic III
ISO: 100 to 3200 (up to 6400)
AF: 40D Style
FPS: 4 fps (faster than the “pro” body?)
LCD: 3″
Grip: Separate
Body: 40D style weathersealing

Take it for what it's worth!

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