Starting today, Samsung is offering a lot of instant rebates on their highly regarded storage solutions. This includes external hard drives, SSDs and much more. All of their instant rebates are active at B&H Photo.

Portable SSDs

M.2 Drives

Internal SSD Drives

** Make sure that you have the vertical space to install an M.2 drive with a built-in heatsink. There are a lot of motherboards out there that either have built-in heat sink plates or mount multiple M.2 drives vertically, especially on Mini-ITX motherboards. There are others that put at least one M.2 slot very close to other components.

To remove the heatsink from a Samsung M.2 drive, you will need a P5 screw head and something like a hairdryer to loosen the thermal pads between the heat sink and M.2 drive. If heated enough, you only need your fingers to remove the heat sink plates, do not use a pry tool when doing this, as you risk causing damage to the M.2 drive itself.

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