DPReview had a chance to interview Canon's Managing Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations, Masaya Maeda.

A couple of the answers below touch on constant conversations and criticisms of Canon. While they keep saying they'd use another manufacturers sensor if they deemed it better, they have yet to do so in any DSLR product. It's good to see Canon acknowledge they move quite slowing, even for a giant multinational corporation. I think all of us would love to see some exciting innovations more often than every 3-4 years.

Hypothetically, if Sony made an APS-C or full-frame sensor that you considered to be the best possible sensor for a camera that you wanted to bring to market, would you use it?

If another company made a sensor that we believed to be truly the best quality, we would not hesitate to use it.

Quite often, one of the criticisms leveled at Canon is that the company is a little slow to produce innovation compared to competitors. There’s definitely a perception that Canon goes carefully, and slowly. Is this true? 

Personally, I think we’re slow as well. Every day I’m saying ‘speed up, make it faster!’. One of our themes now as a company is upon developing a new technology, to shorten the time between development and when that technology is introduced into a product. We need to shorten that time. That’s our goal.

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