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A few are wondering if Canon has any more announcements to make. Usually this is it. There are various events around the world today for the new products, so I don't expect more announcements.

I haven't received any emails from anyone saying to expect another announcement.

What we got right
I like to keep a tally of what we got right and what we got wrong.

Two Tilt-Shift Lenses Right
We caught wind of 2 lenses about an hour before we did our PMA predictions, very happy we got this one right.

Underwater CameraRight
– A new source turned out to be right.

SX1 IS in North AmericaRight
– Reported this a long time ago.

No 1D ReplacementRight
– Reported this a long time ago

No 24-70 or 100-400 ReplacementsRight
– We had some rumors for these two lenses, however we did our PMA predictions and went with our solid sources and turned out to be right.

The Bad News
We also have to own up to what didn't come to fruition.

A New Rebel 500DWrong
– I think our spec list for the camera is about right, it's just not here for PMA. Possible later in the spring like the Rebel XS last year? We did have a source that said no Rebel for PMA, so we were half right!

35L f/1.4L IIWrong
– I'm a bit bummed we got this wrong. As I reported a long while ago, the 35L wouldn't be replaced until the new 1Ds. Should have stuck with that source.

A Compact FlashWrong
– Makes logical sense, never arrived.

That's life as a rumors site, I try really hard to be right more than I'm wrong. I don't think we can ever bat 1.000, but we'll keep trying.

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  1. D3X review up on dpreview.com.

    Interesting they complain the focus points are concentrated in the center of the frame. I remember people complaining about the 5D2 cited Nikon as being better for this.

    Also to note on this $8,000 camera, 5fps (for full frame), no dust removal system and high ISO performance not quite up the 5D2.

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