Update: Canon also uses “EG” for camera bags.

Nokishita has found some information about a new Canon accessory called the “EG-E1”. this item appears to come in 3 different colors. Nokishita wonders if this is a new battery grip? This doesn't seem likely, as current “EG” models from Canon are for focusing screens like the “EG-S”. The current Canon EOS R battery grip is called the BG-E22.

Also mentioned is a new camera, the Canon EOS RP. It's unsure if this is what Canon's next EOS R camera is going to be called, or if it's just an internal name.

All signs point to the next EOS R series camera to slot below the EOS R in pricing.

I'd expect to see the EOS R lineup addressed with a couple of announcements ahead of CP+ which begins on February 28, 2019.

More to come…

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