I think we've found the man responsible for the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III hoax from last week. He's an Itallian vlogger named Breccia and he has a history of this sort of thing. He was behind the Google Ultra Pixel hoax in September as well as a PS4 Slim hoax before that.

If you check out the rear shots of the PowerShot G7 X Mark III images, you'll see his name in the top left corner of the LCD.


brecciasig 728x462 - Is This The Man Behind the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Hoax?

You check out Breccia on YouTube telling us to search Google for the Canon G7 X Mark III and “text me in the comment if you find something… suspicious.”

Apparently he does these sorts of things to try and secure some sort of design work or perhaps increase those YouTube followers.

All of this rumor business is supposed to be fun, and after all the comments I received about the renders, I think a lot of fun and excitement was had, even if it didn't last long. We're not at all sour towards Breccia, we just wish the camera was actually real. It was a well done hoax that fooled some of us for a time and will actually make us look closer at leaked images in the future.

Thanks Riky

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