Friday's New Stuff
With the Rebel arriving on Friday, I plan to stay awake until the usual midnight (GMT -5) press release. Staying up until midnight is quite a chore for me these days, so please be a midnight end to the NDAs. We should be getting at least 3 announcements from Canon.

Just to refresh your memory, we'll get the new top end Rebel, as well as a new 18-135 IS and a 40 f/2.8 Pancake. I do believe the pancake lens is going to be quite inexpensive and may just be a fun lens to have in your kit.

PowerShot & Video?
I have received no word on any new PowerShot cameras coming in the immediate future. I also rarely get any information about new Vixia video cameras coming. So, I wouldn't expect a 4K Vixia.

More in June?
Apparently yes, there should be another June announcement for the rumoured “mirrorless” camera.

To keep the PR machine rolling, I have been told there could be 2-3 more announcements in the mid August to early September timeframe. This would coincide with Photokina the third week in September. I would expect a lot of PowerShot refreshes as well as at least 2 new DSLRs.


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