From the CAMEO360 team:
There are many available action cameras in the market, but they are either too expensive or offer limited capabilities. Creating the perfect videos can also be both difficult and time consuming.

That's why we created CAMEO360 – The world's smallest dual lens 360º 4K active camera that helps you create and share quality photos and videos in easy ways.

We aligned ourselves with one of the top manufacturing of action cameras in the world, and we guarantee our product will be of top quality. We developed Cameo360 and Flicksee App to give our supporters the most fun, unique, user-friendly, and convenient experience with creating and sharing your moments. Right now, YOU can choose which projects and technologies becomes a reality. Help us bring the most versatile smallest dual lens 360° 4K active camera into everyone’s hands by backing us now.

Technology & Design
Our team’s effort on our development started in October 2015, we broke down our process to two stages to build both our app and our 360° camera. First, our global collaboration with top engineers coming from top Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Texas Instrument to develop a product that is durable, high-quality, energy efficient, and easy to use.

Most small cameras in the market practically use the same type of schematics and offer limited capabilities. We created an active camera with 4K quality and dual lenses to give you more access to capture your moments in many different ways.

Second, our team created the Flicksee App to be the perfect pair with the versatile CAMEO360 for you to easily access all the advance features to capture your moments. The Flicksee app gives you access to a new social media platform welcoming you to a new community, and allow you to easily share your moments with other popular social media channel. We streamlined the process of content creation to sharing so you can concentrate on what you do best and have fun.

Designed in California
Coming from California we believe design does matters. Our prototype offers a simple portable design, but our final production design will give the CAMEO360 a premium, sleek, and portable design you will be proud to carry and take out of your pocket anytime.

Excellence in Manufacturing
We teamed up with our manufacturing partner almost over a year ago. This is one of the two leading core manufacturers for action cameras in the market. Their vast experience in Original Design Manufacturing(ODM) gives our team an edge to be close to both design and manufacturing to have an advantage in both efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The CAMEO360 is scheduled to begin shipping in August 2017.

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