A cable to trust with a kevlar braid and unique TensileTubing™ design tested to over 20,000 bends! Licensed for iPhone, MicroUSB & USBC

The first to be tested to over 20,000 bends

The kevlar braided cable with TensileTubing™ Did you know, phone cables are considered an electrical commodity? That's because they're not expected to last for more than a year.

That's why we've tested ours to withstand over 20,000 bends!

It's not really their fault. We take them everywhere with us, pull them, wrap them round the plug and adapters, and each cable gets used several times a day.

The stress joints of the cables are not something that have ever been addressed. People make the cables stronger, and so have we with the kevlar braid, but we also looked into how we can reduce the stress at the connector joints, and how we can increase the tensile strength of the product.

The final product: a silver kevlar and nylon braid with 3cm extra tubing protection which passes right through the connector joint for maximum protection.

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