Next generation of the world’s most extreme duffel bag series | Waterproof down to 50m/164ft, shockproof airbag system, smart pack system, air-tight zipper to keep humidity out and floats fully packed among other groundbreaking features.

SUBTECH SPORTS raised over $100.000 on Kickstarter initially for its first generation PRO DRYBAG 45L and has now followed up the success with the PRO DRYBAG 2.0 Series that got fully funded within 12 hours!

Making headway on the international platform, the PRO DRYBAG has been introduced to some of the world’s biggest names among extreme sports and we are now proud to call many of them TEAM SUBTECH members. Their expertise and the way they use our gear is ramping up our knowledge base to a level few other brands can match.

“As an example of when our team riders put our gear to extreme real life tests you can check out this mind blowing (1min) teaser when two Brazilian adventurers attempts to cross lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan 600km/370mi/300NM with nothing but their kites, water strapped to their boards and their gear packed in our SUBTECH PRO DRYBAG“ said Founder Erik Lyth.

After 2 years constant R&D the SUBTECH team cannot wait to exceed everyone’s very high set up expectations by bringing the PRO DRYBAG 2.0 Series to market in 2018.

PRO DRYBAG 2.0 Series consists of:

  • PRO DRYBAG 45L- A 45 Liter fully waterproof duffel bag with a Shockproof Inflatable System.
  • PRO DRYBAG 100L- A 100 Liter fully waterproof duffel bag with an Internal Pack System.
  • DRY TOTE BAG 95L- A rugged 95Liter light-weight tote bag with welded waterproof seams.

Features includes:

  • WATERPROOF: Waterproof down to 50m/164ft (Highest waterproof classification IP68)
  • FLOATING: Floats fully packed with an adult on top
  • AIR/WATER/CONDENSATION TIGHT ZIPPER: Protect electronic equipment from water and condensation. Pressure tested to 500mbar/7psi
  • RIP PROOF MATERIAL: Made in extra durable TPU 620D with welded seams to last a lifetime in combination with low-weight carrying.
  • DETACHABLE STRAPS: Aircraft graded 7075 Aluminum alloy hooks to easily remove the straps.
  • MAGNETIC HANDLE: Sewable magnetics in the handles for quick and easy access in the bag and with optimal comfort when carrying the duffel bag.
  • ERGONOMIC BACKPACK: The airtight zipper creates an airbag that allow a perfect fit along back and spine no matter what size or body shape.
  • HEAVY LOAD: Detachable 7075 Aluminum alloy waist belt and sternum strap allows perfect support for heavy lifting.
  • REFLECTIVE: Reflective logo material allows perfect visibility at night.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: The PRO DRYBAG 45L/100L is designed for the most extreme environments but also with a minimalistic design in mind to work just as well in urban environments.

Check Out the Kickstarter campaign: AWARD-WINNING PRO DRYBAG 2.0 (Ends Jan 31, 2018)

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