KUVRD (Covered) has launched their second version of the Universal Lens Cap, simply called 2.0. With the introduction of the second iteration, they now offer two different sizes dubbed Micro and Magnum.

The new versions make using the covers easier. The caps now stretch and secure onto your lenses better. The top of the caps come with a “white x”, which you can color code yourself.

The Micro cap is designed for smaller lenses, it starts at 54mm diameter and can stretch all the way up to 76mm. This is the perfect cap for smaller mirrorless lenses, rangefinder lenses and DSLR lenses.

The Magnum cap is designed for everything else. It starts at a diameter of 72mm and stretches to 122mm and will fit most bigger lenses for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. As well as Cine-lenses.

This campaign has already reached funding, so you can be confident that your Universal Lens Cap 2.0 will ship.

Learn more about the Universal Lens Cap 2.0

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