Kolari Vision, known for its filters and camera modifications is now offering a cooling upgrade service for the Canon EOS R5. They claim their modification will nearly double 8K recording time at room temperature and triple the record time after a 5-minute cool-down period.

The pricing for this service is $399 USD.

Keep in mind that such a service will likely void your 1-year Canon warranty.

Kolari Vision claims their service will nearly double your record time in 8K at room temperature

From Kolari Vision

When the R5 was released, we also learned that it overheats quickly
in 8K shooting and in some 4K modes. Initially, this was handled through a
timer chip in the camera independent of the actual temperature.  After public
backlash, Canon quickly released a new firmware that patched the timer
issue and started actually using the camera temperature data instead,
but even with this upgrade, the performance boost was minor, for example
at 20C instead of overheating after around 19 minutes, the new firmware
allowed you to shoot around 25 minutes, and the recovery after

In several thermal analyses of the camera, the processor on the
motherboard seemed to generate most of the heat. In the stock design,
Canon places two thermal pads partially over the processor and pumps the
heat into a small heatsink. That heatsink however sits under another
board and does not vent heat anywhere further.

To remedy this problem, we took an R5 apart and designed a new
heatsink to vent the heat from the processor to the camera case where it
could dissipate faster. We tested aluminum initially but eventually
settled on a thick copper heatsink to transfer heat more efficiently.

This design draws heat out of the processor and brings it around the motherboard and out to the rear case where it transfers heat through a high-efficiency thermal pad. This design is fully internal to the camera and maintains the weather sealing of the camera.

We tested the modified camera at 8K-D IPB 30FPS at  59F (15C) and 69F (20C). At 15C, the R5 never overheated in our hands. At 20C, where the stock camera lasts around 25 minutes, after our mod, the camera lasts 44 minutes, almost two times the initial shooting duration. What’s even more important, is that the camera recovered a lot faster after it did overheat, giving more shooting time after a short recovery. With the stock camera, we could only get about 8 minutes of additional shooting after a 5-minute recovery, where the mod was able to shoot 25 minutes after the same 5-minute recovery, 3 times faster overheating recovery.

Learn more about this modification at Kolari Vision

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