Lomography Color Negative F²/400 35mm

Go Against the Grain with a Rescued Film Rarity

  • Bringing Back a Long-Lost Film: Seven years ago, Lomography rescued the very last master roll of 400 ASA film from some renowned Italian filmmakers.
  • Carefully Stored as a Master Roll: Ever the ones to experiment, Lomography transported F²/400 from Italy to Vienna, after having stored it in the Czech Republic under ideal conditions, as one big roll. The results are astounding!
  • Refined Grain with an X-Pro Feel: F²/400 is Color Negative like you’ve never seen it before — it produces refined colors with a beautifully unique, X-Pro feel. What’s more, in certain shooting conditions F²/400 produces shots with subtle blue overtones.
  • #FilmIsNotDead: The frequent revival of discontinued films proves that analogue photography is here to stay.

Bringing Back a Long-Lost Film

Lomography is all about being different — about ignoring the rules, trying something new, and going with the wackier option. In 2010, illustrious Italian manufacturers announced that they were going to stop producing film. But what initially appeared to be another victim of the digital age caught Lomography’s eye as a fantastic creative opportunity. Lomography jumped at it, snapping up the last ever master roll of 400 ASA film. Seven years later, having worked diligently to keep the fire of analogue photography burning, Lomography is excited to blow the dust off its one-of-a-kind hidden film gem and present it to you in 35mm format!

Carefully Stored as a Master Roll

By storing F²/400 as one big roll instead of slicing it up into 35mm strips, the quality of the film remained well protected. Stowed away in the Czech Republic for seven years, this film has developed a totally distinctive look.Lomography is thrilled to offer analogue photographers everywhere a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get their hands on a film unlike any other.Since it’s taken from the very last roll of 400 ASA, stock is very much limited! Snap up a 35mm roll from Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide for as little as 5.90 EUR/USD/GBP or make some great savings when buying packs of five or ten from the Lomography Online Shop.

Refined Grain with an X-Pro Feel

F²/400 is one-of-a-kind Color Negative. Having spent seven years aging like fine wine, F²/400 has retained all of its refined colors and beautifully unique tone. What’s more, it has developed hints of the characteristic X-Pro aesthetic and beautiful blueish tones in certain shooting conditions, making it unlike any other Color Negative film on the market. Your shots will be drenched in distinctive effects, making F²/400 the perfect film for experimenting and trying something new. Load up a variety of different cameras, switch between high and low ISO, and shoot in a range of conditions. Your images will stand out from the crowd!

Technical Specifications

Film type: Color Negative
Format: 35mm
Develop: C-41
Sensitivity: 400 ISO

Lomography’s Tip: Due to its age, the F²/400 enjoys getting more light than your standard 400 ISO film. For vibrant, X-pro like pictures and subtle, fine grain shoot the film in bright conditions.


Kodak Ektachrome, FILM Ferrania, Bergger — the photography community is refusing to give up on analogue classics that suffered a momentary lapse in the face of a digital age. For years, Lomography has been at the forefront of this movement, leading the analogue photography community by releasing innovative new cameras, films and accessories every year. As the popular hashtag #filmisnotdead suggests, not only is analogue photography alive and well, but it’s here to stay. Long live the revival!

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