Recently we've become aware of 6 different unreleased Canon ILC camera bodies that have come up for various types of certification. The only camera out of the lot that we're pretty sure is coming this year, is an EOS M5 Mark II ahead of Photokina in September. Beyond that, everything is currently a guess.

There are reports that two of the DSLRs mentioned will be the EOS 80D and EOS 7D Mark II successors, both of which are very popular models in the lineup. Unfortunately, we have been unable to confirm that this is the case. Good sources have said repeatedly to me that there would not be a major DSLR release in 2018 and that 2019 is still an unknown.

Now, these certifications can happen many months in advance of an actual announcement, so it's possible we're looking a Q1 2019 camera bodies. Which, if true, there's no chance of having any real specifications to report beyond guesses and logical next steps in the EOS xxD and EOS 7D line. If either of them is coming in 2018, Canon is doing a stellar job of keeping the lid on things.

We'll obviously provide an update on these camera models as soon as we're able to.

More to come…

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