From Hudson
Magic Lantern is coming to the Canon 7D — the dev team can produce valid, signed firmware images and run their own code on the camera. The first video shows a 7D booting into a test firmware that draws colors bars and writes the ROM image to the CF card for analysis.

Thanks for all your hard work Hudson, a lot of people appreciate it.



  1. Hi

    Is there any rumours about Tramell diving into the eos1d-mark4 firmware with his magical lantern.

    Especially his improvement on the audio-side would be fantastic for us mark4-users. amazing, that canon hasnt given us the possibility to switch of agc (automatic gain control) – anybody in contact with tramell hudson ???

    regards Per, Denmark

  2. Hi I was just wondering where they are at with the ML firmware for the 7d. I haven’t seen much more news about it in months?

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