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Making Sense of Small Tidbits of Info

5D Mark II
The 5D Mark II currently has an instant $500 rebate in Canada.

I do not recall ever seeing that big of a rebate on a camera body. The 800 f/5.6 which costs about 5 times more than a 5D Mark II has a $1000 rebate.

I’ve received some info about a new Hybrid camera for September that is a giant leap forward.

I’m not saying 5D Mark III, but that’s a big rebate for an “affordable” camera.

D700 replacement imminent?

Various reports of reps saying a 60D is on the near horizon.

A lot more stores reporting a dried up inventory of 50D’s and inability to get more.

100-400 Replacement
More reports of a 100-400 replacement.

I’m going to say it isn’t coming based on past experience ordering products that are about to be replaced. The 100-400 is still very easy to get from Canon Canada.

I’ll monitor this closely.

One thing that may suggest it’s coming is Nikon is preparing a replacement of the 80-400 I’m told. If we go by the 70-200 f/2.8 replacements, we could expect Canon to upgrade theirs as well.

I will note the 100-400 is a massive seller for Canon as it sits.

500 f/5.6 or 600 f/5.6
I’ve heard a couple request for both of these lenses. With the ISO abilities of camera bodies now, why do we need to lug around f/4 supertelephotos?

A replacement of the 400 f/5.6L with a 500 f/5.6L IS makes a pile of sense. A lot of people take the 100-400 over the 400 prime. A 500 prime at f/5.6 could cost $3000-$4000 and sell very well.

A 600 f/5.6? A lot less likely. I’d expect to see a 600 DO first.

Canon G12
The next “G” will be CMOS equipped and shoot HD video. I’m told I can guarantee it. Not really a reach after seeing the SD4000. :)

Another suggestion is a form factor change and a better optical VF.

Gearing up for Rumor Season
A lot more little things are coming in now. Expect things to take off soon.


160 responses to “Making Sense of Small Tidbits of Info”

  1. You want to see a replacement to the “24-70 IS II”? They haven’t even made a Mark I version of that lens yet.


  2. I like this idea, alot! I have been lusting for something longer than my 400 f5.6L for birding. The 300 with the 1.4 would give me 420 and the 300 with the 2x would give me the 600 I want. Thanks for saving me some money :)

  3. Good point, I forgot the existing 400L prime doesn’t have IS. I have the 100-400L which does, hence “only” going to 500 f/5.6 prime isn’t so interesting to me.

    If they could do something like a 1xx-600 f/5.6L zoom, that’ll be great, but I would settle on a 1xx-500 f/5.6L zoom too as an update to the 100-400.

  4. Agree, will even settle for a 200-500f/5.6 for a dedicated wildlife zoom. Most people do have a 70-300 or 70-200 somewhere in the bag as standby/walk around.

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