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5D Mark III
I keep getting stuff in regards to a March 2011 camera launch. Most people seem to be pointing to a 5D Mark III type of camera. There’s nothing in the way of specs yet.

A good source continues to say a 5D3 replacement will be coming well before a 1Ds3 replacement.

With the production issues with the new lenses, I’m not overly optimistic about a camera body or lenses coming in March. We’ll see how these rumors shake out.

Received a claim from someone this week that they’re testing a replacement to the 580 EX II.

The only lens outside of the regular stuff I’ve received recently has been in regards to a 17-40 f/4L replacement. I’m told to expect it with the march camera launch and it will have IS. I’d CR1 this one.

Where have I been?
Things are slow and I’ve been dealing with being sick, some personal stuff and working on some Canon Rumors improvements.

I am off to Kenya on November 28 and will be returning mid December. I will have internet access for 95% of the trip and will still be checking emails and posting here.

I have a lot of stuff to review while away.

Lens Rentals Canada
If you’re Canadian, I’m offering free shipping until 2011 when you rent a lens or camera body. We’ll still be open when I’m away!


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