Canon News has done some further analysis of the camera market and how it specifically relates to Canon.

There are a couple of interesting things in the numbers.

While a lot of us enthusiasts continue to proclaim the downfall of Canon, their market share remains around 50% and has grown considerably since 2015.

Canon FY 2017 b 728x321 - More Analysis of Canon's 2017 Fiscal Performance in Cameras

The second interesting thing according to the numbers, is while the entire camera market continues to shrink, Canon's sales have remain pretty much the same over the last 3 years. We see a few camera companies claiming they're becoming the new market leaders, Sony being the biggest offender, but the numbers simply do not back up these claims.

Canon FY 2017 C 728x358 - More Analysis of Canon's 2017 Fiscal Performance in Cameras

A few years ago Canon said they were going to release cameras that were more focused, rather than jack-of-all-trades models, and I think that has started to happen and will continue. Expect more of the same in 2018, with an industry leading number of new camera bodies, starting with at least 3 new ones in February.

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