From Northlight
I just received this info, appears it's from Northlight. The 1Ds4 COULD appear in February as well as the new lowend dslr's.

Whenever it's launched, we can expect the 1Ds4 to come “with lenses”.

Interesting tidbit, the 1Ds Mark III received a “new” tag on the Canon UK site.

A bunch of lenses have also received the “new” tag. Site issues it looks like.

APS-C DSLR Announcements [CR1]
Received some added information about the February 9, 2010 announcements.

The EF-S 60 f/2.8 Macro will be replaced with an IS version. This goes along with a patent we showed you earlier. The timing is probably good for such a lens.

January 9, 2010?
I previously posted about a January 9, 2010 announcement. I think something was lost in translation and the source actually meant February 9, 2010. I have received confirmation about the 2nd date. I think it'd be a longshot to make announcements on a Saturday in the middle of CES.

It'd be fun if I was wrong.


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  1. I’m worried about pixel count because that’s all Canon seems to do to “improve” on the previous model.
    The Ds4 will be 30+Mp which I expected,
    I just hope the 5D3 is less, at about 25,
    and the 3D comes in under 20.

  2. Son of Daguerre on

    Because every point-&-shoot has video…

    I don’t yet own a dSLR… but always shoot in PASM (generally P or M). AUTO gives me no control…

  3. Yeah I spent a while trying to find something fast and wide, and even though I was tempted by the 16-35/2.8L I really wanted something brighter than 2.8 and the Sigma seemed the best bet. It’s kind of soft wide open and sometimes it really disappoints even if I set the focus point in live view, but I do get the photos I need, properly exposed and with the right angle of view, and occasionally it surprises me. I’m trying to decide if I should get myself a 24/1.4L or 35/1.4L but I don’t know if there’s going to be an update soon…

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