The next EOS-1
While Canon called the EOS-1D X an amalgamation of the EOS-1 line, I don't think everyone truly believed that the 1D-X was going to be the only flagship level camera in the lineup forever. It may have bought them some time while they got the EOS-1D X to market and worked on getting the EOS-1D C to market as well.

New Camera at the Olympics
I received two reports from the London Olympics that a 40mp+ camera was being tested by a couple of select photographers. The cameras housing was that of the EOS-1D X. It was also mentioned the camera had a significant framerate  for a resolution that high, one mentioned it at 8fps in RAW. There were other unspecified “new features and technology” in the camera body.

A seperate source has said it is possible that Canon will announce a big megapixel camera in 2012 for release sometime in 2013, however that has yet to be decided within Canon.

Just for the fun of it
Below is an image received by Northlight Images showing the Canon EOS lineup, Keith put some markers on it showing some interesting spaces and flow of the chart. Use it for entertainment purposes only.

img 01 over 575x431 - More Big Megapixel Talk
Image from Northlight Images |


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