In the past few weeks there have been a bunch of new CFexpress card launches. We are fortunate to have most of the companies sending us samples to performance test. Expect some results starting this coming week. What we can already report is that the average price of cards is coming down.

Where you had to by a 2 TB card previously to get pricing near $0.25 per GB, several brands have been reducing the cost of their 512 GB and even smaller cards to pricing approaching $0.30 per GB. Just today, CanonPriceWatch pointed to a ProGrade deal along those lines, although they did this with their Gold line of cards, which are slower than most brands.

Pergear released a whole suite of cards last week as well, with similar pricing, and with claimed speed statistics close to the ProGrade Gold models. Acer Storage did as well. A set of those cards are on the way here for real-world testing.

Angelbird dropped a new firmware upgrade last week. The latest version (2.12) fixes some unspecified issues for the AV PRO and AV PRO XT models as well as providing better compatibility for some older Nikon models that received firmware upgrades of their own that allowed for the use of CFexpress cards (Z6, Z7, D5, D6, D500 and the D850).

The Angelbird update also applies to the Mark II versions of their CFexpress cards, to be released tomorrow. Angelbird was the first of the manufacturers to allow for user-upgradable firmware, incorporating the function in their CFexpress card reader.

An early set of copies of the Angelbird Mark II cards arrived this afternoon from Austria, so those will be added to the performance tests to be conducted.

Also added to the pile of cards to be tested is a homebrew solution, employing a Sintech casing and controller paired with a Kioxia m.2 2230 PCIe NVMe SSD drive and a disgusting amount of silicon heat paste; a DIY project involving $95 in parts for a 512 GB card that – for the last two weeks at least – has operated within 3 percent of the fastest tested cards.

The last comprehensive review of all of the available CFexpress cards over on was conducted on relatively early R5 and R6 firmware. In the year since, several CFexpress-specific firmware issues have been addressed, so the update will require retesting the older models as well.

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