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Lots going on a WPPI, not too much for the folks seeking a new camera and lenses. The following information could be of value to some.

5d mark ii1 - More Firmware Information [CR2]

A source told me that canon have indeed created a raw video option for HDSLR's. It will utilize the HDMI port on the cameras to output full uncompressed HD content for recording on an external device. Apparently the current 720P output is limited by firmware not hardware so all they need to do is change this setting in the firmware.

The source would not confirm if this was coming to the 5D2 directly. However, the source did make clear to me that they knew nothing of a 1DS4. I was also told that this firmware had been tested on location.


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  1. But I think it’s only 4:4:4 Component and not 4:4:4 RGB which is more bandwidth than Component.

    I’m not an expert on this, but I know that the F35, F23, SRW-9000 and Genesis all record component in 4:2:2 mode but RGB in 4:4:4 mode.

    So I’m not sure how useful 4:4:4 Component is.

  2. Greg Greenhaw on

    We need to make a clear big push for this feature to end up on the 5d mark II asap.
    Has anyone started a petition. I think this is the next big feature needed.

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