5D Mark II Stills from Vincent Laforet:
ISO 1600 is extremely clean.

http://www.usa.canon.com/dlc/controller … cleID=2128

1Ds4 Specs from a comment
1Ds MKIV, for the manuel:

Sensor Size – 36×24 mm
Pixels – 21 million with 2.4MP per square cm
CMOS Sensor
ISO – 25 – 12800 (extend ISO 10 low, 25600 and 512000 high)
TTL-AREA-SIR II AF with 69-points
Flash Sync Mode – 1/4000 electronic shutter release
USB 2.0 which can be used with external HD
Crop mode 4:3 and 16:9 with viewfinder adjustment (both in photo as in video mode)
HDMI output which can be used in liveview with external monitor
6.8 fps
Aperture Values – F0.9 – F91
Eyetrack AF – and electronic High Speed AF
2x Digic 4 processor
ProPhotoRGB is added
Movie Recording – 24fps and 30fps mode.

Two new modes are added, 1 is an electronic shutter mode which uses liveview and now sound the other works through the viewfinder and has a latency of 80ms but is able to flash sync to 1/4000.

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