Powershot Pricedrops
I'm told we might be getting some more Canon price drops on select Powershot cameras. Some of the new ones may be involved. There could be some aggressive pricing on the SX110 & A2000 IS. Panasonic recently had a price drop on various Lumix cameras.

I'm also told the 40D and 50D could see modest pricedrops in the near future. The Rebels look to be set for the for now.

The EOS-1's will be seeing significant pricedrops in the new year. They aren't exactly Christmas gift type cameras. Expect it to happen in January.


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  1. I think you are talking about the 1DMKIII…

    If the 1DsMKIII’s price drop closely to the 5DMKII would be really a dream…

  2. Anyway, I’d go with the 1D(s)MKIII.

    I think its autofocus is much better than the 5DMKII, isn’t it?

  3. we don’t know what happen tomorrow.
    they might bring 1D(s)MKVI in next year with better LCD, HD movie, etc, which will push the price drop for 1D(s)MKIII.
    are you willing to pay one or one and half grant extra for the older model 1DMKIII?

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