*Update* I have had conflicting information about the announcements next week. While all of this information below is correct, it may not all happen on January 19, 2022. More to come…

I love announcement week! I have now confirmed more Cinema EOS goodies that we can look forward to.

Canon EOS R5C

The Canon EOS R5C! Canon's active cooling video-focused version of the EOS R5. You can check the rumored specifications here.

Canon Cinema EOS C70 Firmware

Canon will announce new firmware for the Canon Cinema EOS C70. The new firmware will add RAW. I don't know if it's external or internal.

New Cinema Lenses!

Canon will announce new compact cinema zoom lenses. I think it's safe to assume that the RF mount will be offered.

New 8K Options?

The Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III and Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II will get new modules. It's been rumored for quite some time that we'd see 8K versions of these cameras. I haven't confirmed what the “modules” are, but I think Canon is about to go all-in on 8K.

The official announcements are scheduled for January 19, 2022, at 7 AM EST.

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