We're told that there are two wide angle zoom lenses coming from Canon. One we're told would be an 11-24 f/4, though it wasn't mentioned whether or not this would be a full frame or APS-C only lens. Though the source did say the lens would be expensive, which leads me to believe it would be full frame compatible. The same source also says a new 16-35 f/4 wide angle with IS is also on tap and would be quite pricey. However, if they perform in the corners, people will pay nearly anything for a great wide angle Canon offering. I do find it a  bit odd that neither of the mentioned lenses are f/2.8, but perhaps that's coming down the road.

There was another mention of a new Canon 100-400 being priced in the $3000 range also coming.

This info is not coming from known sources, so treat it accordingly. More to come…


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