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Multiple APS-C Sensor PowerShot Cameras Coming? [CR2]

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We know that the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III will be coming soon, though an exact date is unknown. One of the big changes rumoured in the new G1 X is the use of a 24mp APS-C sized sensor instead of the 1.5″ in the current G1 X.

We’re being told that there will be more APS-C sized sensor PowerShot cameras coming and that the G1 X Mark III is first, and then we’ll get a G3 X Mark II and a G5 X Mark II. The source is not sure if the smaller G series PowerShot cameras like the G9 X and G7 X will move to APS-C.

There was no mention as to whether or not the new PowerShot cameras would get 4K recording, which is something we obviously get asked a lot. Our hunch on the topic? I think Canon has to add 4K to at least a few of the models.

As you can see on our buyer’s guide, the upper end of the PowerShot G series lineup is starting to look quite long-in-the-tooth.

More to come…

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