Canon at NAB Show 2012
As expected Canon had one of, if not the biggest booth on the NAB Show floor. Most of their video cameras, DSLRs and lenses were on display to play with.

IMG 1449 575x383 - NAB 2012: Canon Shows the Goods
Canon Cinema EOS 1D C

Canon EOS 1D C
A couple of the 1D C's were around to play with. They were attached to external monitors and you can play around with things like ISO and get a good idea about that kind of performance. The 1D C showed some pretty exceptional ISO via the HDMI out. We weren't allowed to put cards into the camera, which is normal.

The camera looks exactly like the 1D X, other than not having the flash sync port.

Not much was said about the internals of the 1D C, which differ greatly from the 1D X. Most of which is used to displace the immense heat the 4K capture would create inside the body.

Availability was “sometime in 2012”.

Canon EOS C500
I couldn't get within 10 feet of the thing. There were hordes of people around it listening to product descriptions and technical info from the folks at Canon.  Again, the video out to the overhead monitors looked great, but we didn't really get to see the 4K output from the camera.

Another “sometime in 2012” for availability.

IMG 1440 575x383 - NAB 2012: Canon Shows the Goods
The new prototype CINE zooms and primes

All the new cine lenses were on display. The newly announced 15.5-45 and 30-105 lens mockups were also present. The new EF 24-70 f/2.8L II was on display behind glass, I didn't see a place to get my hands on it. What I didn't see were the new EF 24 f/2.8 IS and EF 28 f/2.8 IS lenses. However, there are hordes of people always crowding the counters at the Canon booth and maybe they were hiding.

IMG 1450 575x383 - NAB 2012: Canon Shows the Goods
Canon's prototype 4K display

4K Displays
Canon showed off their prototype 4K displays again, and they really are pretty great to look at it. No one could answer if or when they'd make it to market, and there are no mention of price if they did. They were displaying 4K footage from both the C500 and 1D C on the screens.

5D Mark III Issue
As expected, no one at the Canon booth wanted, or was allowed to talk about the issue with the 5D Mark III. I still haven't heard about any possible recourse for the issue yet. I would expect it pretty soon though.

I also asked about firmware, and was told there was new firmware on the way, but it could have been delayed while Canon investigates the top LCD AE issue.

IMG 1445 383x575 - NAB 2012: Canon Shows the Goods
The magnesium alloy shell of the Canon EOS-1D X

Other cool things
Above is the magnesium alloy shell of the Canon EOS-1D X. It was pretty amazing to feel how light it is. The Canon rep at the  display agreed with me that they should sell just the shell. People would buy it for sure.


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