Multicamera audio syncing made super quick and easy
I watched a demo by Bruce Sharpe at Singular software, he was showing off their software package PluralEyes.

PluralEyes is a product that ties in with your existing video editing software like Final Cut, Premier, Media Composer and others. It removes the tedious work of syncing audio from multiple camera sources, and it does it in seconds.

We saw a demo of the upcoming PluralEyes3, which is 10-15 times faster than the already speedy PluralEyes. About 90 minutes of video from 3 cameras was synced in about 25 seconds. There was a nice applause when it completed.

Someone asked “why everyone didn't use PluralEyes?” and the answer was, “because people just don't know about us”. So I'm here doing my part. The product is pretty remarkable and it's so unblievably well priced at $149, everyone can afford to use it.

If you purchase PluralEyes in the next month or two, you will get a free upgrade to PluralEyes3 when it becomes available. The public beta of PluralEyes3 starts in May.

You can download a free 30 day demo at the Singular Software site.

Singular Software


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