Something Coming?
There's some talk about a “significant” Canon announcement for NAB. I wouldn't think NAB would bring about a DSLR announcement, but maybe something in the camcorder realm is a possibility.

Availability of anything new is another story.

Lots of people are asking what's going to happen with stock levels and things like that with Canon and other Japanese origin gadgets. The answer is, I don't know.

Canon is telling their reps not to say anything about Japan and what effect this tragedy is going to have on the industry. For the moment, no one really knows.

What I will say, is do not expect this to be rectified in a couple of weeks. We're talking months before anything gets back to what is considered “normal”.

Canon Canada Cancels Upcoming 60D Rebate
Canon Canada has cancelled an upcoming instant rebate program on the 60D, a casualty of the earthquake. There's probably going to be more of this coming in the next few weeks.


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