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As published in our of our April 23, Canon shall, before the end of the year 2009, two new high-end professional models.

Without making estimarr their names, the first model will be presented in August, and will be “reporting”, ie, fast, and probably with a smaller sensor size of 24 x 36 mm.
The second model, by pure logic, is an evolution of the EOS-1Ds Mark III, and imagine what the issue is offered plus. Expectations are more megapixels, Canon continues as “focused” on making the competition a professional medium format cameras. Perhaps what most potential users expect the system-EOS is that for once the new cameras do not give serious problems from the outset.

In another vein, it seems that again a little sanity into the minds of some designers, and thus is only known to the future development or alternative to the current G10, offers a more sensible number of megapixels, with a view to higher image quality. Staying around the 9-megapixel, maybe you could do that, for example, the noise does not make an appearance as early as in the current G10.

Wait and see.

Our take
All signs seem to be pointing to a fall launch of the 1D Mark IV.

I have conflicting reports about the 1Ds. I've been told not to expect that until 2010. It will be priced in the D3x launch price range.

Canon is definitely developing a higher end compact based on CMOS technology. There is a good chance we'll be seeing a larger sensored compact for the Christmas season.

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