Canon Canada has done what we knew was coming. They have redone the CPS program to come more inline with the USA and European programs.

cps - New Canon Canada CPS

thanks all


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  1. That sucks. I would think about a membership, but it makes me think twice if my 5D isn’t covered by the platinum package.

  2. I am glad to see that they have listed my 45 and 90 TS-E lenses both as ‘L’ lenses.
    Truthfully though, I can’t see spending that much each year on top of insurance costs for the very few instances where I have needed service.

  3. It has to be on the CPN registered list to qualify for service so I rec. you keep it current wich is not difficult.
    Read the FAQ before applying and make sure you are are full-time proffessional not just a gear monger.

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