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New Canon EOS Rebel [CR4]

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Just to summarize
The new Rebel will be the product announced on the 25th of March. It should fall into our previous spec list.

Still no definitive word on a jog wheel.

Others are speculating an articulating LCD. Could you keep the screen at 3″ and make it articulating on that small body?

I’m asking around about a possible lens introduction, nothing yet.

Someone did say that perhaps Canon would launch a “Movie Lens” type of thing. It would be kitted with the new Rebel. Panasonic has done this with the GH1, so that’s probably where the idea came from. I think we’re still too early into the DSLR movie mode development for that sort of thing.


51 responses to “New Canon EOS Rebel [CR4]”

  1. If the new Rebel makes movies, has ISO 3600 and has a bigger body, I’ll buy it.

    Anyone knows if the 40D/50D autofocus is better than the Rebel line?

  2. ISO 3200
    Body size won’t be bigger, they keep the rebels small on purpose

    Yes, the 40D/50D have aq much improved centerpoint, it does both cross and diagonal motion tracking, but to my knowledge the rest of the points are the same. So the 40D/50D focus is a bit better than the rebels, though not amazingly so.

  3. Because the Rebel cameras are Canon’s main source of income in the DSLR sector. They sell these by the truckloads. If they put in the awful 50D 15 MP APS-C sensor in the next Rebel without any improvement whatsoever, it’ll be a shame ‘cos people will stop buying the Rebel. Anyway, Canon deserves to go downhill for refusing to heed consumer needs.

  4. That I never would have believed!

    Had the 450d already in my shopping basket. But now of course I wait to see what Canon will bring.
    What do you think?
    How much will the new Rebel cost?

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