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New Canon Patent Finds

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More Patent Fun
A couple of New Patents filed by Canon this month.

Just remember, not all patents make it to market.

canonsensorstabilization - New Canon Patent Finds
Sensor Based Stabilization?

The first patent found is for what appears to be sensor based stabilization. Could this be for a powershot, and SLR or perhaps a new EVIL camera system?

US Patent: 20100003025

LCD in Viewfinder

canoninviewfinderlcd1 - New Canon Patent Finds
Viewfinder LCD

This one adds a small LCD in the viewfinder. You can keep the camera up to your eye and see through the viewfinder while reviewing previous images taken.

US Patent: 20100002109

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  1. #2 with the US patent body because they like to file their patents there, but way, way down the list with other patent bodies like WIPO.

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