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New DSLR Video Products Tomorrow

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From Vincent Laforet

NAB 2010 kicks off tomorrow – and you should expect some pretty fantastic announcements from a wide variety of companies. I know of quite a few – but am sworn to secrecy for at least another 12 hours or so.

For those of you who could not make it out to the city of sin for this conference – know that a lot of the buzz here surrounds the HD DSLR and “convergence” worlds. Very exciting times. I can’t wait to share a lot of what I know with you very shortly. Zeiss, RedRock Micro, Lite Panels, Marshall Electronics, Canon and many many more have some very exciting announcement to make tomorrow!

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From Canon, it could be the remotes we were told about.

Adobe has announced Creative Suite 5
Check out all the info about the new suite from adobe.


51 responses to “New DSLR Video Products Tomorrow”

  1. Problem 1:
    Olympus and Panasonic have no Fullframe or APS-C cameras – the DOF is not shallow enougth with these lenses (still and movie).

    Problem 2:
    The Canon 20D was – for my needs – the first DSLR with film like quality. So I invested in Canon lenses.

    Problem 3:
    Getting the real “movie feeling” I need at minimum an APS-C sensor but don’t have the money for a professional movie cam.

    Convergence of still/movie is – in my opinion – a good chance to give tools to those who are not swimming in money.
    And I would prefer a WELL DESIGNED still-movie-camera (DSLR or EVIL) with outstanding image quality for stills and good video quality.
    One system for both purposes keeps the weight of the necessary equipment down!

    But you are right: Don’t make a hype about that!

  2. Why on earth does anyone want or need an 85mm f1.1? Bigger, more expensive without being that much faster. The Mark II is superb and doesn’t need updating for a while, a quite brilliant portrait lens.

  3. God please let there be a 60D =)

    That would be so awesome!
    Though I am afraid it’s to early and it’s going to be that 1D if at all :/

  4. Canon U.S.A., Inc. will exhibit an extensive range of professional imaging products, including the Company’s full lineup of broadcast lenses, professional HD camcorder models, award-winning video-enabled EOS Digital SLR cameras, high-resolution REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors, large format imagePROGRAF and PIXMA printers and more. In the booth will be Canon’s HD studio lenses and Image-Stabilized long-zoom HD field lenses; portable HD lenses (including the first portable HD lens with built-in optical Image Stabilization); cine-style prime and zoom lenses; remote-control robotic pan/tilt/zoom HD cameras; and the Canobeam HD wireless video transceiver. Also on display will be a long telephoto portable HD lens that can be used in compact stereoscopic 3-D HD camera rigs for 3-D sports and events imaging. The Company will also show its full line of professional HD video camcorders as well as VIXIA flash memory camcorders, along with the EOS 1-D Mark IV, EOS 5D Mark II, and EOS 7D DSLR cameras that have captured the attention of videographers and cinematographers with outstanding HD video capture. Compatible with all Canon L-Series interchangeable lenses, these cameras provide the versatility needed for location or studio shoots. Canon’s IP video security cameras from its Network Video Solutions product line will also be on display.

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