The mount is not forgotten
Canon has plans to introduce new EF-S lenses in the first couple of quarters of 2013. There will be a new push on the crop segment of the EOS lineup and new lenses are going to be a part of that revival. A few lenses are mentioned as highly probable and will appear alongside a new “pro” APS-C camera, currently expected to be the EOS 7D Mark II.

Two niche lenses are mentioned, one being an EF-S zoom fisheye as well as a new IS macro. No mention of focal length on either. A replacement to the wonderful EF-S 10-22 is also mentioned to be in the works. It will probably be a couple of mm wider at the short end.

The most pressing EF-S lenses that need a redo would be the EF-S 18-200 IS, which we hear is in the works and will have an STM focus motor and be longer at the telephoto end. The other is the EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS. While this is a very good lens optically, the build quality and internal dust problems leave a lot to be desired. A small refresh would be welcomed.

I'm also told that there have been delays in regards to lenses brought about by new manufacturing technologies that Canon has introduced in their factories. Those issues are being worked out and we can expect Canon to “catch-up with demand” sometime in 2013.

It was also noted that the 1100D and 60D would quietly be discontinued in the first part of 2013 with no replacements being imminent. This one would surprise me a bit, although perhaps the breadth of products in the APS-C line is no longer needed.


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