We continue to work away in the background on the Canon Rumors forum. We're working to fix bugs, add features and evaluating user experience.

What we have added today:

  • Bookmarks – You can now bookmark threads and specific posts if you wish. You'll see a new bookmarks button at the top right, which will show what you have bookmarked. You'll see a new small bookmark graphic at the top of each thread, as well as at the top of each post.
  • Covers – On your profile card, you can now set a custom cover image. Simple click your username at the top right and then click your username again. You'll see a “cover” option. You can upload whatever you'd like to appear there.
  • Questions & Answers – We have set up a Questions & Answers form. You can post your question there and then vote for the best answers. We don't know how this will go, but it may prove to be valuable. You case┬áthe question and answer forum here.
  • Trending posts – You'll now see a new section in the sidebar with “trending posts”, these are obviously the most popular and active threads on the forum.
  • Image optimizer – We have installed a background image optimizer to help with server load. You don't have to do anything, it'll work away in the background. We'll pay attention to how aggressive it is and we'll make sure it doesn't make photos look poor.

We'll continue to work away at things. Keep in mind we can't fix some things immediately, as they may require a plan and a financial investment to make possible.

Thanks for your time and understanding during this process.

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