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New hotness on March 25

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Stoking the Fire
Someone emailed this translated page to me in regards to a March 25

I’m on the road at the moment so I didn’t read it too closely.…………


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  1. Hey Mathias,..

    Thanks (tak),.. actually I havent been writing in here before this Canon announcement story. And that was only because our story was copied in here :)
    So no, I’m not a provider of news in here, but the different newssites copy each others news, so we sort of “provide each other” :-D

    Regarding material/keeping it to ourselves:
    Whenever there are new products/prototypes etc., we (the magazines), will sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).
    The NDA means we cannot share info at all on the subject which we signed, otherwise we will be prosecuted.
    Even if other magazines/websites etc writes about the product, we still have to stick with the NDA, and not say a word.
    The NDA normal stops, whenever a pressrelease or a release of the product happens.

    But not all products are under a NDA, a lot of times we dont get to see products before the pressconference. Then we can basically write whatever we want/think/digg up :)

    So we will share all the info we can, thats our job ;)

    (And welcome to Zoom magazine, thanks for the subscription)


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