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New hotness on March 25

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Stoking the Fire
Someone emailed this translated page to me in regards to a March 25

I’m on the road at the moment so I didn’t read it too closely.…………


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55 responses to “New hotness on March 25”

  1. Peter,..thanks (tak) ;o)

    Also, we are an EISA member,..cant really fool around, have to “play” serious, no fake stories ;)

    Another thing,..I do believe other countries will have the same press meeting,..but maybe they are just not that informative about it ;)

    Yes, its definately photo-related…
    When Canon writes the way they did, we are not talking compact cameras, will most likely be DSLR.
    As many other are saying, I could go with a replacement for 450D,..that would be logical…but I honestly dont know yet..

  2. Hi Jan

    Then you really did have en finger med i spillet :)
    While reading articles at and compared it to, I’ve often thought about how you could have the same stories as this site, sometimes even before posted in here. And now that it seemes to be that you’re a provider of those informations, it makes a lot more sense ;)

    Will you post any updates on this topic at, or do you keep something for yourself?

    Mathias Valsgaard Hansen
    Dansk gymnasieelev ;)

    And by the way Jan.. You just got yourself another subscriber in me ;D

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